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  1. A Finnair flight takes off from Tallinn airport on Friday May 17. The airline cancelled flights between Helsinki Finland, and Tartu, Estonia for a month because of GPS jamming. Now that an alternative navigation system for landing approach is in place, flights will resume June 2.

  2. A red sun rises against a red sky

    The extreme heat smothering much of Mexico has already killed dozens of people, but the hottest temperatures are yet to come, officials say.

  3. An injured person is carried on a stretcher while villagers watch.

    Hundreds are feared dead after a massive landslide levelled dozens of homes in a remote village in northern Papua New Guinea early Friday, according to local residents and media.

  4. Several people sit in chaits and watch a television showing proceedings from The International Court of Justice.

  5. Fire trucks are parked in front of a badly damaged building on fire.

    A major fire broke out Saturday at an amusement park in Gujarat state in western India, killing at least 27 people, including several children, police and media reports said.

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